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- You received an award in "Best Director" category for your project "In Your Dreams"...However, looking at your previous projects it looks like your specialisation and past credits are more focused on writing & VFX. How did you get into these two fields? 

I became a screenwriter in Hollywood as a way to become a director.  I learned VFX because I wanted to make imaginative films,like science fiction, fantasy and adventure.  You need VFX to make those kind of movies. I find all parts of filmmaking fascinating, and I think knowing something of all the crafts makes me a better director.  

- Are you planning to be more focused on directing in the future?

Yes.  I made IN YOUR DREAMS as a showcase for me as a director. Counting your festival's award, I've won 16 Best Director awards with this short film. I'm grateful that it's been successful.   I'm planning on focusing on my directing career moving forward.  I have a production company and I'm developing original films that I'll direct, write and produce.

- Your film "Your Dreams" shows an excellent cooperation between many disciplines of VFX (compositing, 3D modeling, color grading etc...). Was this project made entirely by you from the VFX side? How do you find doing several VFX jobs at the same time?

Thank you, that's kind of you to say.  I did all the VFX for the film. Most of the VFX were done in Unreal Engine.  The titles and a few other VFX were finished in Adobe After Effects. The 3D models were made by artists working for Epic Games, who provided them under license.  I modified the locations, lighting and 3D models to better suit the film.  I edited and color graded the film in daVinci Resolve. I enjoy all aspects of filmmaking, and I'm used to doing a lot of it myself.  Shooting, Editing, VFX and Finishing aren't separate to me.  They're all part of my process of directing the film.

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